See nothing, Hear nothing, Say nothing



My name is Volodya, and if you are here then you are one of the few people who actually care enough about what is going on in our university. You probably seen all these posters getting stuck all over saying how eager everyone is to represent you. I will not lie to you i cannot and will not represent anybody but myself.

You might say that i'm just another apathetic drunkard, who only cares about oneself and wants to see one's butt-ugly face in SUblime

Who i am

As i've already said, my name is Volodya.

Some of you might know me as ethical_anarhist on KingstonUniversity.org

I'm a student in the second year of Software Engineering degree

Why i am standing in KUSU elections

Why i am not trying to win

Why i am actually bothering

I want to inspire all the students in this university to take action. I want everybody to take control of their own lives.

Remember don't let anybody (including me) to bully you into the submission. You are the students. You own this university.

Contact informaion

If you have any comments about what i have written here, or you just want to rant about me being an idiot, you can either leave me a private message / say it on KingstonUniversity.org, send me an e-mail, or even stop me around the uni and ask me anything that you want.

My posters

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